Watch the new «Sherlock» parody

Their original «Sherlock» parody went virally wild. The comedians from «Underholdningsavdelingen» are now ready with the sequel.

«In the BBC series, Sherlock Holmes retreats into his mind palace to solve mysteries. In this spoof on the show, he enters his mind phallus, with all its implications», director Vidar Josdal says about the parody, grinning.

Sherlock - originalen og parodien

DEAD RINGERS?: Comedians Bjarte Tjøstheim (top left) and Vidar Magnussen (top right) stand in for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the Norwegian parody of «Sherlock».


The first parody gathered hundreds of thousands views on Youtube and even got subtitled in Korean and Spanish by fans.

British actor Amanda Abbington, who stars as Dr. Watson's wife in the BBC show, also endorsed the clip through her Twitter account.

«After seeing the reception we knew we had to make another one as soon as possible», Josdal says.

Freeman's spitting image?

But neither skits would had seen the light if not for one of the actors' resemblance to Martin Freeman.

«Vidar Magnussen, who plays Sherlock, had been nagging co-actor Bjarte Tjøstheim for a long time that he looked exactly like Dr. Watson in the BBC series. We soon realised this was parody material», Josdal says.

«There are other parodies on Youtube, but they look a bit amateurish compared to ours. We go all-in in the production, and I hope it shows», the director adds.

Watch the original parody:

Underholdningsavdelingen har gjort suksess med parodiene på den britiske krimserien «Sherlock». Her er den første, sendt 14. mars 2014.

VIRAL HIT: «Underholdningsavdelingen»'s original «Sherlock» spoof, first broadcast March 14th, quickly went viral.

Pictures from behind the scenes of the production:


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