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Anne (16) blamed for Bieber walk-off

16 year old Anne from Norway is being harassed in social media after Justin Bieber walked off-stage after only one song at an Oslo gig on Thursday night.

Jente (16) forteller om hva som skjedde under Bieberkonserten da artisten gikk av scenen.

The Canadian superstar stormed out of the concert in Oslo when a fan spilled some water onto the stage. He apparently lost his temper when girls close to the stage tried to prevent him from soaking up the spill.


Some of the hateful messages posted on Anne's Facebook wall.

Norwegian Bieber fan Anne (16) has received death threats after the show by a digital lynch mob, even though she says she didn't do anything wrong.

– It is terrible to receive so many threats and messages saying that my idol hates me, Anne said to Norwegian State Broadcaster NRK.

Thursday was a day of joy for her, as she had tickets to the exclusive Bieber show in Oslo. But after the cancelled concert, her life has been full of negative emotions.

– I have received lots of mean messages in all kinds of languages. But I have also received support from people who know that I didn't do anything.

Following Bieber's dramatic mid-concert walk-off, Anne jokingly sent a Snapchat picture to her friends, saying that Justin had yelled at them. But what started as a private joke soon went viral.

Justin Bieber holdt en intimkonsert for utvalgte fans på Chateau Neuf i Oslo 29. oktober 2015. Etter kun én låt stormet han av scenen. Foto: Privat

The Norwegian girl has received death threats from angry Beliebers on her Facebook wall. People have started posting images of her, stating that it was her fault Bieber walked off the stage. And when one person had blamed her, hordes followed, she said.

– I still have more than 300 unread messages on my wall after already having answered 200. In addition, I have received tons of comments on Twitter and Instagram. People have found all my social media accounts – even those only my closest friends knew of, she said.

– I am really scared that Justin now hates me, and there is so much talk of me in social media that I'm sure he has seen my name and knows what is happening. But Justin is still my idol. He had a hard time yesterday, and it was all a bit too much for him. But to stop seeing him in concerts would just be silly, Anne said.

The Canadian didn't feel too good about his actions and he quickly offered up an apology on Instagram:

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