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A World-Class Publisher

NRK's Strategy states that the NRK should aim to be a world-class publisher.

NRK Finnmark heises om bord

NRK Finnmark-team visiting Rolvsøya in North Norway.

Foto: Ksenia Novikova / NRK

The brief, overall strategy document sums up the goals and values for The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

A strategy needs to be translated into actions and measurable results. It is the management’s responsibility to ensure that as many employees as possible understand the connection between goals, measures and results, and adapt their working day accordingly.

Strategic goals for NRK 2023:

  • NRK strengthens and develops Norwegian democracy.
  • NRK highlights and enriches Norwegian and Sami language and culture.
  • NRK brings together and engages everyone in Norway.
  • Creating great experiences for everyone to share.
  • Breaking news first, offering explanations and showing context.
  • Delighting with content no one else could make.
  • Attracting each new generation.
  • A world-class creative and courageous community.
  • Chosen every day.

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