A World-Class Publisher

NRKs Corporate Strategy for 2018- 2023 states that the NRK should aim to be a world-class publisher.

NRK Finnmark heises om bord

NRK Finnmark-team visiting Rolvsøya in North Norway.

Foto: Ksenia Novikova / NRK

The brief, overall strategy document sums up the goals and values for The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) during the next five years.

A strategy needs to be translated into actions and measurable results. It is the management’s responsibility to ensure that as many employees as possible understand the connection between goals, measures and results, and adapt their working day accordingly.


NRK - Corporate Strategy 2018- 2023

NRK strengthens and develops the Norwegian democracy

  • NRK contributes to a better understanding of the society, each other and ourselves.
  • NRK inspires us to be more inclusive and curious.
  • NRK strengthens Norwegian and Sami media pluralism and diversity.

NRK unites and engages everyone living in Norway

  • NRK provides content that people find, choose and love.
  • NRK is close to the audience, and exists to everyone's benefit.
  • NRK is the best depicter of Norwegian and Sami society.
  • NRK will create open meeting places, lasting experiences and build new understanding.

NRK is a World-Class Publisher and Content Producer

  • We have the best knowledge and understanding of people in Norway.
  • We will mirror the population in content and organization.
  • We will systematically develop a networked, innovative culture.
  • We will develop the best publishing and content competency in a digital world.
  • We will increase the share of resources for publishing and content production.

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