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NRK's Organization

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation - NRK - is organised under nine Departments with Vibeke Fürst Haugen as Director General. Here you also find the NRK Organization Chart.

Kringkastingssjef Vibeke Fürst Haugen

Vibeke Fürst Haugen is Director General at NRK.

Foto: Ole Kaland / NRK

The Corporate Organization:

  • Director General – Vibeke Fürst Haugen.
  • Strategy and Media Department – Jørgen Heid, Director.
  • Programmes Marienlyst (Oslo) Department - Charlo Halvorsen, Director.
  • News Department – Helje Solberg, Director.
  • Programmes District Department – Marius Lillelien, Director.
  • Sápmi Indigenous Department – Johan Ailo Kalstad, Director.
  • Technology Department – Øyvind Lund, Director.
  • Finance Department – Andreas Norvik, Director.
  • HR Department - Olav Hypher, Director.
  • Legal and Public Affairs Department – Olav Nyhus, Director.

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The General Meeting

NRK is a limited company. The Norwegian government owns 100 % of the shares. The Minister of Cultural Affairs convenes NRK’s General Meeting.

The Board

NRK’s Board has nine members. The General Meeting elects six of these members, including the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman. Three Board members are representatives of NRK's employees. Board members serve for two years.

The Board appoints NRK’s chief executive, who is both the Editor-in-Chief and the Director General of NRK.


The Broadcasting Council

The Broadcasting Council - Kringkastingsrådet - has fourteen members. The parlament - Stortinget - appoints eight of these members and the government appoints six members, including the Council Chairman and the Vice-Chairman. Council members serve for four years.

The Council meets seven times a year. Its mandate is to debate and give an opinion on issues related to NRK’s programmes. It reviews programme complaints from the audience, issues raised by the Council’s members and issues presented by NRK’s Director General. In addition, NRK’s Board and the Director General can ask for the Council’s opinion on administrative and financial issues.

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