NRK's channels

NRK consists of three main TV channels, three main radio channels, several niche channels on the radio, the Internet, podcast and mobile phone.

Signaturbilde Dagsrevyen

Dagsrevyen (English: The Daily Review) is the daily evening news programme for the Norwegian on television channel NRK1.

Foto: Ole Kaland / NRK


NRK has organised its programmes on NRK1, NRK2 and NRK3/Super to provide the public with three real options when they turn on their TVs.

NRK1 is the most popular TV channel in Norway. Its market share is about 30 %. The content offered by NRK1 is varied, and appeals to broad segments of the population.

NRK2 offers news, debate programmes, documentaries, analyses and cultural programmes.

NRK3 offers movies, humour, lifestyle and music for a younger audience. NRK3 was launched on 3 September 2007. NRK3 also hosts the children’s channel NRK Super. NRK Super was launched on 1 December 2007.

Drama with big succes - Lilyhammer with Frank (Steven Van Zandt) and Sigrid (Marian Saastad Ottesen

NRK shall present content that is generally valuable for all target groups in the society. Drama with big succes -'Lilyhammer' with Frank (Steven Van Zandt) and Sigrid (Marian Saastad Ottesen) as main actors.



NRK P1 is Norway’s largest radio station, with more than one million listeners each day. Regional reports, news, current affairs, public service material and music continue to be the main ingredients in the recipe that makes P1 Norway’s first choice among radio listeners.


NRK P2 is a cultural radio station. Cultural material makes up most of the programmes offered, which consist of news, debate programmes, analyses and social commentary.


NRK P3 is mainly aimed at young people in the 15–30 age bracket. NRK P3 is a broad-spectrum radio station for young listeners between 0600 and 1800 hrs., and more of a cultural pop and rock station during the evenings and at night. P3’s main emphasis is on music, comedy/entertainment and news for a younger audience.

Other channels

Beside the tree main radio channels NRK offer a wide range of special targeted radiochannels.

NRK Sápmi Radio - All Sápmi radio programmes transmitted by NRK P1 and P2 are broadcast as repeats on the DAB and online radio station NRK Sápmi Radio. The station also produces its own programmes.

NRK P1+ - Radio for those who has lived for some time. Good old music and much more.

NRK P13 - Rock and pop music day and night.

NRK Super Radio - Radio for children.

NRK Klassisk - Offer Classical music 24 hours a day. It was the first digital station of its kind in the world.

NRK Alltid Nyheter - Obtains news and reports - offer BBC World Service during late Evening and Night. .

NRK Folkemusikk - Folk Music from NRK’s unique folk music archives.

NRK mP3 - Plays energetic music 24 hours a day for young people.

NRK P3 Urørt - P3 Untouched - Demo competition for non-established bands. P3 Urørt is an online radio station that serves up the best tracks from the Urørt database 24 hours a day.

NRK1 Tegnspråk (NRK sign language)

NRK1 Tegnspråk is a digital TV channel that interprets NRK1’s broadcasts. This is a special service for hearing-impaired viewers.

The website of NRK is one of the most visited in Norway. shall always present the most important events in the world, Norway and on NRK right now.

NRK provides online such as (for children), (for young people), (weather forcast service) and (outdoor activity service), as well as NRKskole (school service).

The adaptation of such useful services represent a natural development of traditional public service content and are recent innovations that provide the public with content in a more user-friendly manner through the use of new technology.

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