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Archive and Programme Sales

For decades NRK has recorded breaking news, people, places, important events and sensational happenings in both sound and pictures. For information on how to purchase archive material for both private and professional use, see below.

Radiohuset på Marienlyst
Foto: Nadia Frantsen / NRK

NRK’s archives encompass a wide range of historical and topical recordings that include news, sport, entertainment, comedy, nature, the environment, science, culture and drama in addition to programmes designed for children and young people – all the work of Norway’s foremost journalists and cameramen.

The archives contain more than 100,000 hours of audio and video material, in addition to stills.

Archive clips – for professional use

Access to this valuable archive material is open to other television companies, producers, production companies and advertising and multimedia agencies in Norway and abroad. We can also meet other corporate requirements for various purposes and supply audio and video material for use by museums, libraries and similar institutions.

We ourselves retrieve clips and copy them in the required format.


  • Archive material may only be used for the specific purpose agreed upon in advance.
  • Purchasers must themselves obtain permission for use from any other rights holders than NRK.
  • Credit for archive clips used is to be accorded to NRK.
  • Credit for stills used is to be accorded both to the photographer and NRK.

Licence fees depend on the rights required, where the material is to be shown/territory, licence period, number of showings/transmissions etc.

Applications must be submitted in writing, i.e. by E-mail to: content@nrk.no.

Should further information be required before submitting an application, please phone us on +47 23 04 41 50.

Programme sales – sales of complete programmes to commercial undertakings for showing at festivals and on other TV channels

In Norway, NRK programmes may be viewed on the Corporation’s web site: tv.nrk.no.

For transmission of NRK programmmes abroad, the Corporation largely relies on external distribution companies. We sell children’s programmes, documentaries, nature programmes, drama and entertainment. For further information E-mail Bente Sagplads at bente.sagplads@nrk.no.

Archive clips and complete programmes – for private use

If you wish to purchase for private use a clip from a TV or radio programme produced by NRK, please contact NRK’s Public Service:

E-mail: info@nrk.no. Phone: +47 23047000.

Radio programmes dating back to 1933

NRK’s television archives contain material in sound and pictures spanning the years 1960 to the present day. We also have a unique collection of film clips covering the period 1905-1938. The radio archives contain programmes and features from 1933 to date.

The 75,000 hours of radio material cover everything from news, sport, entertainment, music and children’s programmes to important historical and political events, as well as a selection of sound effects.

Some programme categories, among them radio theatre/plays and a variety of music and cultural series, are almost complete. Much of this material is rights-related and further sale is thus subject to prior approval.

Recordings from the early years of radio broadcasting are limited in number, as in those days recording technology was in its infancy. Moreover, prior to the 1990s many recordings have been erased. Magnetic tape was expensive and for that reason priority was given to material deemed of special importance or worthy of re-use. Nowadays, all radio programmes are recorded and deposited in the Radio archives.

Examples of material available from NRK archives:

  • NRKs television archives from 1960 to date.
  • The complete Thor Heyerdal/Kon-Tiki archive.
  • Film clips 1905 – 1938.
  • NRK’s radio archive from 1933 to the present day.

Contact us at content@nrk.no.

All enquiries are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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