Hopp til innhold

– Wow! Look! It is getting very dark

Watch the reactions to the total solar eclipse on Svalbard.

Folk som opplever solformørkelsen.

Watch people going crazy over the solar eclipse.

– I could never imagine what it would feel like to experience a total solar eclipse. I am calling out because I am so surprised, says Marita Bolle Andersen, photographer at NRK.

In the video in the beginning of the story, you can see how the camera team as well as other spectators outside Longyearbyen Svalbard reacts to the moon fully covering the sun on march 20th.

– Wow! Wow! Look how dark it is getting, Andersen exclaims several times.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK broadcasted a two hour long live TV-show from the Advent Valley just outside Longyearbyen during the eclipse.

See the entire show here (in Norwegian):

NRK sendte direkte fra solformørkelsen på Svalbard. Se hele sendingen på nytt her.

There was also a stream of the sun during the entire eclipse. This was shared trough the EBU.

There was many people watching the show, both in Norway and abroad. Around 600.000 people watched some of the show on TVs, while close to 500.000 people visited the nrk.no/troms webpage during the day of the eclipse.

– The eclipse was a event on Svalbard that caught the world's attention. We decided to cover it on both TV and online. The pictures were spectacular and the mood on Svalbard was electric, and we managed to show it. It was a success, says Pål Hansen, editor of NRK Troms.

Watch the sun during the entire eclipse:

NRK satte et kamera direkte på sola under solformørkelsen på Svalbard. Se formørkelsen minutt for minutt.