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View from Ski Jumping HS 134 commentary position.  (Foto: Odd Kaldefoss/NRK)

Commentaty positions can be booked from all competition venues.

Foto: Odd Kaldefoss/NRK

Services and products offered by NRK Host Broadcaster and Ski-VM 2011 are presented in the Rate Card and can be booked in the Order form. Both documents can be downloaded from this page. The booking deadline is 15 September 2010.

The services presented in the Broadcasters Rate Card and the booking Order Form are offered both by the Host Broadcaster and the Organising Committee Ski-VM 2011.

The documents were first presented at the World Broadcasters Meeting 14-15 April 2010, and updated versions were released in early May.

Term of Booking

Booked facilities are available from Day -6 to Day 12, 18 February to 7 March unless otherwise stated.


All prices in the Rate Card are quoted in Euro and do not include Value Added Tax, which will be added in the invoice. The general VAT rate in Norway is currently 25 per cent.

Foreign businesses can apply for refunds of VAT on purchases of products and services in Norway after the conclusion of the championships. Applications for VAT refund on invoices made in 2011 have to be submitted by 30 June 2012.

Information and application form can be found at

TV and radio signals consumed abroad are not liable to VAT as they are defined as export.

Booking Deadlines

The booking order form - Questionnaire – should be completed and returned to (or use the Submit button in the electronic PDF form) no later than 15 September 2010.

Any order received later than 15 September is subject to availability and rates cannot be guaranteed.

A receipt listing the bookings will be returned by the Host Broadcaster after submission of the Order Form.

Submitted orders will be studied and final confirmation of bookings will be given to each broadcaster by NRK Host Broadcaster no later than 1 October 2010.

In response to the HB confirmation of requests, broadcasters are required to return their confirmation of the bookings no later than 15 October 2010.

Download the PDF files of Rate Card and Order Form here:

Broadcasters Rate Card

Broadcasters Order Form

Provided that you have Acrobat Reader version 8 or newer, this Order Form issue allows you to save the data in the fill-in fields. Thus you can edit the form and share it with others before submitting your orders to NRK.

Broadcasters Rate Card and Order Form (NRK)

Payment Schedule

First invoice - 60 per cent of requested facilities: 5 January 2011

Second invoice – 40 per cent of requested facilities: 24 January 2011

After 5 January, immediate payment is required for additional bookings.

If full payment is not made by 24 January, the facilities covered by the invoice will be cancelled.

Cancellation of Bookings

All bookings are binding.

Services cancelled after the final confirmation date 1 October will be charged 100 per cent, unless no expenses are involved for HB or Ski-VM 2011.

Information / Contact

The Host Broadcaster Booking Services Manager will be the main contact point for all orders (except telecommunications/IT, see below).

For questions regarding the Rate Card and the Questionnaire, please contact:

Åse-Marie Hauan
Booking Services Manager, NRK Host Broadcaster 2011
Telephone: +47 23 04 7372
Mobile phone: +47 402 16 080

For Radio:
Stein Nybakk
Radio Coordinator, NRK Host Broadcaster 2011
Telephone: +47 23 04 97 58
Mobile phone: +47 92 23 70 61

Telecommunications/IT products and services:
Eirik Moen, IT Coordinator Ski-VM 2011, tel. +47 91735242

Please forward a copy of you e-mails to

Urgent news

    Beautycam Holmenkollen

    Daylight in Holmenkollen

    Local time/CET
    = UTC/GMT +1

    23 February 2011:

    • Sunrise 07:37
    • Sunset 17:28
    • Hours of sunlight: 09:51

    6 March 2011:

    • Sunrise 07:05
    • Sunset 17:56
    • Hours of sunlight: 10:51