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Watch the solar eclipse March 20th in Svalbard

On March 20th day turned to night in Longyearbyen on the archipelago of Svalbard. Watch the total solar eclipse here.

Se solformørkelsen igjen

Relive the solar eclipse.

Pål Brekke

Pål Brekke has a Ph. D. in solar physics and are teaching students at Svalbard during the eclipse.

Foto: Anja Strømme

– When the moon covers the sun, the stars will come out in the sky. If we are lucky the daytime aurora might also be visible. A picture of the aurora during a solar eclipse has probably never been taken before, says Pål Brekke, solar physicist at the Norwegian Space Centre.

On March 20th the number of inhabitants in the tiny city of Longyearbyen, Svalbard will more than double, as several thousand enthusiasts from all over the world will arrive to witness the total eclipse.


Svalbard and the Faeroe Islands are the only inhabited places on earth where the eclipse will be total, but it will also be possible to see a partial eclipse over large parts of Europe and Asia.

The partial phase of the eclipse will begin shortly after 10 AM central European time and end 12.15. The eclipse is total for three minutes from around 11.10 to 11.13.

The Norwegian national broadcaster NRK will be sending a two hour live TV-show from Longyearbyen during the eclipse, and will also have one camera trailing the sun during the entire eclipse. Watch them both here.

Watch the TV-show from Longyearbyen (in Norwegian):

Solformørkelse i Longyearbyen