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To internasjonale priser til NRK

Dramaserien «22. juli» og radioteatret «Made in Norway» vant hver sin pris i Prix Europa.

Anine (Alexandra Gjerpen) dekker terroren som journalist i Aftenposten.

Alexandra Gjerpen spiller Aftenposten-journalisten Anine i "22. juli".

Foto: Artwork Sthlm Creators AB v/ Marcel Bandicksson / NRK

En rekke NRK-serier har vært nominert i de ulike kategoriene til Prix Europa. Tirsdag sto det klart at «22. juli» og «Made in Norway» er vinnerne av «Beste Europeiske TV-serie» respektive «Beste Europeiske Radioserie».

– Dette er helt fantastisk. Det har vært sterk konkurranse. Jeg er utrolig stolt over hva NRK har fått til som vinner både tv- og radiokategoriene, sier en nesten målløs dramasjef Ivar Køhn.

Begrunnelse: Beste Europeiske serie: 22. juli
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“The show puts light onto the trauma of this tragedy in a very sensitive way. You begin to feel how it can affect not only every single person but a whole nation. Well done!“

“22 July is an exceptional series. What I appreciate the most, is the need to humanise this iconic moment of history through the people who were bystanders and ‘collateral’ damage. Kudos to the person who decided not to glorify and cover the perpetrator.“

“Great rhythm and tension, despite the fact that we know everything about this case, intriguing characters, looking at the tragedy from the perspective of doctors, journalists, policemen ... Several absolutely outstanding dialogues and scenes of tents full of ringing cells.“

“A nerve-wrecking, but non-exploitative dramatisation that doesn’t feel didactic about its message.“

“It’s genuinly impressive that the mystery-box-exposition worked although I obviously knew what was going on. Pacing is spot on. The script is doing a great job of interweaving multiple perspectives without losing it‘s grasp on the main plot.“

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Made in Norway

Radioteatret "Made in Norway" vant en pris i Prix Europa.

Foto: NRK / NRK

Begrunnelse: Beste Europeiske radioserie: Made in Norway
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“Stylish action thriller which has adapted the genre nicely.“

“Following the strong female character and her multiple challenges is thrilling and captivating.“

“Nice cinematic feel. strong narrative. great dilemma for the central character - which places an important social question in an accessible popular genre.“

“This was emotionally rich, brilliantly performed, stunning sound design and such a tight and compelling production. I loved this.“

“This production transports the listener into Iraq.“

“Very well done. Sounds like a very big production, you really imagine the action movie.“

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