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Television and production companies

If you need archive material for a new production, contact us for a specified offer. The customer must clear copyright material.

Publisert 14.10.2003 10:41.
License fees vary according to field of application, territory, license period, number of transmissions, etc.

Requests for research assistance may be forwarded by fax, phone or e-mail. Simple research queries and searches can be attended to within 24 hours, but more time may be required for extensive and complicated assignments.

The charge is NOK 870 for the first hour and NOK 750 for each hour after that. Sample cassettes, complete with time code, can be supplied at an additional charge of NOK 1,000 each. Please contact us for a specified offer.


We usually supply transmission-quality material on Beta SP and Digi Beta, but other formats are available upon request.

Copying charge (per hour): NOK 1,890
Minimum charge: NOK 1,390 (for technical use, less than half an hour)
Beta SP20' (example): NOK 280
Delivery according to agreement.

Order form:

Only for television and production companies: Order form

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