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The bride's family

Publisert 23.08.2001 17:41 - Oppdatert 23.08.2001 17:54

Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby's familiy consists of parents, step-parents, two brothers, one sister and four nieces and a nephews.

Marit Tjessem
Marit Tjessem (63), the bride’s mother, works in a bank. She divorced Sven O. Høiby, the bride’s father, almost 20 years ago. She lives with her second husband Rolf Berntsen who is also a guest at the wedding.

Sven O. Høiby (64) resides in Vågsbygd a few miles south of Kristiansand. He lives with Jorunn Wold (a local vocalist star in the 60’s) who is also attending the wedding. He his retired and used to work as journalist, publicity agent and publisher. He is also a keen amateur photographer and his recordings of Miss Tjessem Høiby’s childhood were made public recently.

Espen Høiby (42), the bride’s oldest brother, serves as a pilot with the Scandinavian Airlines. He lives with his wife Hege Stavik Høiby at Andøya in Kristiansand. Two of their three children, Ina and Kristian Høiby, are also on the guest list. Ina (4) is one of the bridesmaids.
From the right: the bride's step father, mr. Rolf Berntsen, the bride's mother, mrs. Marit Tjessem, the bride's father, mr. Sven O. Høiby.

Per Høiby (39) is the bride’s second brother. He is press spokesman at Headquarters Defence Command in Oslo and used to be Aides-de-Camp (adjutant) to HM the King. He lives in the capital with his wife Wenche Lindal Høiby and their two children, Joachim and Julie Høiby, both of whom are also present.

Kristin Høiby Bjørnøy (37) is the bride’s older sister. She is lives in Kristiansand with her husband Per Olav Bjørnøy.

Each of them has a daughter from previous relationships, Stine Høiby and Maria Bjørnøy, both of whom are present at the wedding along with the couple’s daughters Kamilla (12) and Anniken Bjørnøy (7). The two latter are among the five bridesmaids.

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