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Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant, Belgium

Publisert 23.08.2001 11:51

Born 15 April 15, 1960 in Brussels; the first child of King Albert II and Queen Paola and thus first in line to succeed to the throne.

As such, he also bears the title of Duke of Brabant. He has one sister, Princess Astrid (b. June 5, 1962) and one brother, Prince Laurent (b. October 19, 1963).


His engagement to Mathilde d'Udekem d'Acoz (Princess Mathilde) was announced on September 10, 1999 and their marriage was celebrated on December 4, 1999 in Brussels.

They are soon expecting their first child and that is the reason why the Princess is not attending the wedding.


Collège Saint-Michel in Brussels and Abdijschool van Zevenkerken in Sint-Andries-Brugge. 1978-1980: Royal Military Academy. 1981-1982: training as a pilot of the Belgian Air Force. 1982-1983: training as a paratrooper. Promoted to the rank of Captain in 1983 and to the rank of Colonel in 1989. April-June 1983: Constitutional History at Trinity College, Oxford (UK). September 1983 - June 1985: Stanford University (California) where he graduated as Master of Arts in political science.

Official duties/special interests

Appointed Honorary President of the Belgian Foreign Trade Office in August 1993, succeeding his father in this role. In October 1993, he was appointed President of the National Council for Sustainable Development.

He attaches particular importance to encouraging private and public initiatives aimed at promoting the image of the country abroad. He maintains a wide variety of contacts with commercial and economic institutions and also with universities, schools and social/cultural institutions.

The Prince has made several study tours to the Americas, Africa, Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. His travels abroad also included working visits to various international institutions.

Through on-site personal participation at projects of non-governmental organisations, he has shown his strong commitment to humanitarian and international cooperation.

Prince Philippe has a personal house and has received a civil list since 1992.


Prince Philippe is second cousin (tremenning) to Crown Prince Haakon. Their fathers, Prince Albert II and King Harald V, are cousins.

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