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Red: Nina Nordbø
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Information in English
The radio show - Ambolt - is broadcast on Norway's national broadcasting programme 3 every sunday. The profile is strictly metal - be it black, thrash, death, goth, industrial or even worse. Got demo?

The Hostess
Starting at 10 pm CET sunday Norway's metalheads are being fed new metal releases, interviews and news by the host Gro Narvestad. That would be me, thank you. As a public broadcaster, we aim to serve the public - if you have a demo or already released material, please do send me a copy and maybe your band will get airplay too.

If you have questions or comments, you can E-mail me or use the following address:

Gro Narvestad
Ambolt, NRK P3
N-0342 Oslo, Norway

If you want to listen in there are links to mp3-streams on the left side of your screen right now. Ambolt is broadcast every sunday 10-12 pm CET.

Publisert 21.09.2001 20:20 - Oppdatert 29.08.2003 14:07

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