Simmons confirms «KISS-Idol»

The rumours are true, according to Gene Simmons. - Contracts are already signed, says the 58 year old Kiss-frontman.

Kiss Oberhausen

ROCKIN' EUROPE: Eric Singer, Gene Simmons and Thommy Thayer photographed in Oberhausen, Germany on May 8th.

Foto: Roy Hilmar Svendsen / NRK

NRK got an exclusive interview with the members of Kiss in front of their two shows in Norway.

Paul Stanley med norsk flagg

- NOT TRUE, YET: Paul Stanley claims there is no such contract, but does not dismiss the idea.

Foto: Finn Håkon Rødland

Surprisingly, Gene Simmons used the opportunity to confirm what has been some fans' biggest fear for some years now - that Kiss are indeed planning to keep Kiss running and touring after founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons decide to take off the make-up for good.

- Tv-show coming soon

During a familiar rant by Simmons about how Kiss could go on forever, NRK's journalist asked jokingly if the band would consider looking for replacements for Simmons and Stanley in a tv-show, on the model of«American Idol».

- We have already signed the contract, and it is going to go through in a couple of months, was Simmons' reply.

- Really?

- Yes, of course!

Stanley less than thrilled

Co-founder Paul Stanley was not very happy to hear about his bandmate's statement regarding Kiss' future.

Kiss i Oberhausen

ON TOUR: Kiss are playing two dates in Norway this weekend. Here from the opening show in Oberhausen, Germany.

Foto: Roy Hilmar Svendsen / NRK

- These things are typical. Gene says something as if it was a fact, but there is no signed deal. The future has many possibilities. Will it happen next week? No! Am I opposed to the idea? Of course not, Stanley said.

WATCH VIDEO: Interview and live footage from Oberhausen

- I don't have to be cool like Slash

The starry-eyed vocalist claims that the members of Velvet Revolver were planning a similar stunt to find the replacement for lead singer Scott Weiland, who was fired at the end of the band's European tour earlier this year.

However, the band decided not to do it, according to Stanley, because of Slash' wish to remain cool and credible to his fans.

- I don’t have to be that cool, Stanley smiles.

Kiss are playing to their biggest Norwegian ever this weekend. On Saturday the band played in front of 12.000 fans in Oslo's indoor arena Valhall, and today the masked legends travel to Bergen, for their first ever outdoor show in Norway.

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