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Relive the solar eclipse

It lasted for just a few minutes, but had the attention of people all around the world. You can relive the solar eclipse here.

Se hele solformørkelsen på under ett minutt.

Relive the solar eclipse in under a minute.

Venter på formørkelsen

People waiting for the solar eclipse outside Longyearbyen.

Foto: Bernt Olsen / NRK

The Norwegian national broadcaster NRK had a two hour live TV-show from Longyearbyen during the eclipse.

Hours before we went live, we registered a huge interrest from people all around the world.

See the totality in real time:


The eclipse lastet for a couple of minutes. Here you can se pictures of the solar eclipse from all around the world:

Total solformørkelse i Longyearbyen på Svalbard 20. mars 2015.

All the tourists that came to Svalbard to watch the eclipse actually doubled the number of people in Longyearbyen. People from all over the world came to Svalbard, including «The totaly insane travel society», who you can meet in this video:

Mellom 1500 og 2000 personer har strømmet til Svalbard de siste dagene. 
Alle med håp om å få orkesterplass til morgendagens totale solformørkelse. 
Og det har skapt utfordringer med å finne plass til alle.