The taboos of sexually abused boys

Men who were sexually abused as boys, want to cast light over the most common taboos. A convicted, previous offender reveals why he abused teenage boys.

Svein Schøgren

Svein is one of the four men who appear in the TV documentary «Man. Exposed.»

Foto: Per-Kåre Sandbakk / NRK

Recent studies show that about every tenth boy has been sexually abused.

The taboos they experience might be tremendous, and lead to a devastating feeling of guilt, and to many, suicide.

December 2016, NRK Sørlandet broadcasted several online episodes with personal interviews with male survivors of sexual abuse, in addition to a TV documentary called «Man. Exposed.»

Now, the TV documentary is available with English subtitles to reach a broader audience.

Dokumentar tekstet på engelsk / Documentary with english subtitles.
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