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Red: Nina Nordbø
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Judas Priest på kanten
Alle burde skjønt at Rob Halford i Judas Priest var homofil lenge før han slapp bomben selv. Vi i Pyro hadde ingen mistanke, men så visste vi knapt nok hva sex var på 80-tallet... Ytterligere bevis enn skinnklær, pisker og en hvinende stemme trengtes kanskje ikke, men her har du det. Den definitive guiden til homoseksuelle referanser i Priests tekster. Enormt sterke saker...

"You're backseat driving, and your hands ain't on the wheel"

Heading Out to the Highway

"And all the pressure that's been building up For all the years it bore the load The cracks appear, the frame starts to distort Ready to explode"


"We turn and face each other
My fingers pull your hair
You wince and jerk my wrist off
I bite my lip and stare
Your stance at once defiant
I'm rigid to your pose
You clench your teeth in anger
My loving swells and grows"

Evil Fantasies

"I'm comin' to the point, I can't hold back Then you ease off with your attack You're the best I've had if you please You never stop, you great big tease"

Love You to Death

"Standing by my window, breathing summer breeze. Saw a figure floating, 'neath the willow tree. Asked us if we were happy, we said we didn't know. Took us by the hands and up we go.
We followed the dreamer through the purple hazy clouds. He could control our sense of time. We thought we were lost but no matter how we tried, everyone was in peace of mind.
We felt the sensations drift inside our frames. Finding complete contentment there. And all the tensions that hurt us in the past, just seemed to vanish in thin air"

"Bound to deliver as
You give and I collect
Squealing in passion as
The rod of steel injects
Lunge to the maximum
Spread-eagled to the wall
You're well equipped to take it all."

"Get a grip on the action
Movin' heaven and earth
Gotta get a reaction
Push for all that you're worth..."

Publisert 19.05.2004 14:53

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