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Piip-Show – live broadcasting of blue tits, great tits, nuthatches and other birds

What goes on in a birds world?

I tre måneder sender NRK direkte fra Piip-Shows kaffebar. Bak prosjektet står Magne Klann og Lars Aurtande.

The Piip-Show is a three months long live broadcast from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK.

Here you have the chance to follow life inside a bird feeder decorated as a coffee bar – second by second.

Blåmeisparet Pål og Silje bor like ved Piip-Show sin kaffebar. De er noen skikkelige lovebirds for tida og ungene er snart på vei.

The birds have left

UPDATE 5th June: After 87 days of live broadcast from the coffee shop and three apartments with Blue Tit, Great Tit and Pied Flycatcher, Piip-Show on NRK.no is over.

You can watch clips, photos and read more here on NRK.no/piipshow, see the 14-hour live broadcast from NRK2, or go to Piip-Show.no where the creator of the project continue the broadcast.

Siden mars har vi fulgt fuglene i Piip-Show direkte fra kaffebaren og blåmeisene Silje og Pål sin leilighet. Her flyr deres små unger ut i den store verden.

New life in the apartments

UPDATE 25th of May: Since march it has been a lot of wild behaviour going on at NRK Piip-Show. If you look aside from fighting squirrels, greedy magpies and hungry cats, the smaller birds have been occupied with building nests and providing their newly hatched chicks with worms and seeds.

At the outskirts of Oslo the blue tits have moved out of their nest after five of the eight eggs survived the hatching.

Kjøttmeisene Victoria og Albert har ikke bare fått navn - de har også fått seks små barn. Du kan følge deres oppvekst på NRK.no/piipshow.

After departure the pied flycatcher has moved in to another apartment, without even removing the portraits from the last owner. It is safe to say that the flycatcher was in a hurry to settle down.

Five eggs have been layed down by the new owners, and only the future will tell how they manage to survive in the harsh norwegian wilderness.

Et pilfinkpar har seg i Piip-Show sin kaffebar. Se mer på NRK.no/piipshow

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Different personalities meet inside the bar. Among others a short tempered nuthatch, a blue tit with the memory of a gold fish, a happy-go-lucky great tit, and a depressed bullfinch.

Like in any other bar there is bickering, petty theft, fighting and attempts at romance. But what are the birds actually saying to each other? You can give us your suggestions on Twitter and Instagram!

Snapshot birds you see or action from our live stream, post it and tag with #nrkpiip!

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The story of Piip-Show

When the internet was just a baby sleeping quietly in its cradle, NRK broadcasted live from a bird house decorated like a little dollhouse. The year is 2003, and the mastermind behind the project, freelance photographer Magne Klann, receives attention even from the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC.

Slik reklamerte NRK for Piip-Show i 2003. I 2014 gjør vi det igjen, men denne gangen lover vi langt mer en et kamera i en fuglekasse!

2003: This is how NRK promoted the Piip–Show in 2003. This spring NRK is running the show in a new way, promising a lot more than just a camera in a bird feeder.

Spring 2014, Klann has joined companionship with illustrator and model maker Lars Aurtrade, and turns to NRK who enthusiastically embraces the idea of a new live broadcast from a bird feeder.

Ornithologists from all over Norway will answer any questions you may have. During the spring we will all have the opportunity to get to know these birds in a completely new way!

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