NRK Meny

Do you know who I am?

Since mid-December, a young Central-European man in his mid-20s has lived in Norway with a total memory loss after having been found abandoned helpless in the snow alongside a street in Oslo.

Mann med hukommelsestap

UNKNOWN IDENTITY: The young man has no recollection of what happened to him, who he is, or why he is in Norway.

Foto: Politiet

The man did not possess any form of identification, and did not remember his name, origin, how he ended up in Norway or any other details of his life.

Because of the condition he was in when he was found, the Norwegian police initiated an investigation into whether he was a victim of a crime.

The Norwegian police have contacted a large number of countries through Interpol in the hope that the man may be registered as missing, without any positive matches on his fingerprints or picture. The police are now without any leads as to who the man is and what happened to him.

The man is of European origin, speaks very well English with a Eastern/Central-European accent, and understands Czech, Slovak, Polish and Russian languages. He is 187 cm tall, has blue eyes and dark blonde hair.

The man, who now calls himself John Smith, are along with the Norwegian police, reaching out to the public asking for help in finding information that can lead to his identification.

Information which can contribute to identifying the man can be given to the Oslo police district on telephone: +47 2266 9600.