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Information pages to international broadcasters

Wedding schedule

Publisert 23.08.2001 10:44

Arrivals, sightseeing, boat trips, official dinners, private parties, wedding ceremony and royal ball at the palace.
Local time = CEST = UTC+2
NB! All times are subject to change and pending final confirmation from the Royal Court.

Wednesday, 22 August

11:00-13:00 Press conference with HRH Crown Prince Haakon and Miss Mette-Marit Tjessem Hiby at The Royal Castle (live feed)
Recordings of photo session in the park 10:00-11:00 will be offered immediately after injection.

Thursday, 23 August

11:00-18:00 Arrival of young royal guests at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen (recorded)

Friday, 24 August

11:00-17:00 Arrival of remaining royalties, heads of state and other guests at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen (recorded)
11:00-15:00 Boat trip for royalties and guests from abroad, hosted by HRH Crown Prince Haakon and Ms. Mette-Marit Tjessem Hiby (recordings of departure)
18:45-22:00 Official dinner at the Akershus Castle, hosted by the Norwegian government (live)

Saturday, 25 August

11:00-14:00 Sightseeing and lunch at Henie Onstad Art Centre, where Her Majesty Queen Sonja’s private art collection, ”Impulses”, is exhibited (recorded)

Live transmission:

16:00 Start of international signal (recorded highlights of preceding events 15:30-16:00); guests arriving at Oslo Cathedral
16:15 Corteges start leaving Royal Castle; procession to Oslo Cathedral (last cortege, with the Bride and her maid of honour, leaves at 16:42)
17:00 Enter the bride and bridegroom (together); wedding ceremony
17:50 The newly-married greet the people outside the church; gun salute from Akershus Castle
18:00 Procession Oslo Cathedral – Royal Castle
18:15 Corteges start arriving at Royal Castle
18:45 The newly-married greet the people from Royal Castle balcony; remaining corteges arriving
19:00 Photo session
19:30-22:00 Integrated feed from parallel dinner at Oslo Military Society, Akershus
19:45 Receiving Line
20:00 Procession dining hall; Dinner
(20:15-21:10 Intermission live feed. Recorded highlights, preparations, steadycam shots of gift table etc.)
21:15 Three speeches of 5 mins. each (int’l signal resumes at 21:10)
(21:30-22:15 Dessert/coffee – intermission live feed; recorded highlights/footage)
22:15 Guests arriving from Oslo Military Society; Receiving Line at 22:25
22:50 All guests to balcony/windows/entrance hall
23:00 Pyrotechnics at Akershus Castle (gift from Municipality of Oslo)
23:15 Slicing of wedding cake; champagne
23:25 Wedding Waltz
23:45 End of transmission (Royal Ball continues with entertainment/dance to 02:00)

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