Hopp til innhold

– Plans of terrorist act in Norway within few days

Armed police will guard border crossings, airports, train stations.

PST-sjef Benedicte Bjørnland informerte om den mulige trusselen som de har mottatt informasjon om.

Video from the press conference held by Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) thursday morning. The press conference is in norwegian.

– People with links to a group in Syria have plans to carry out a terrorist attack in Norway within few days, said Benedicte Bjørnland, head of Norwegian Police Security Service (PST), Anders Anundsen (FrP) Minister of Justice and Public Security and Police Director Vidar Refvik in a joint press conference today at 10:00 GMT+1.

– The information we have received indicates that this is a limited threat, said Bjørnland. It is unclear whether it is limited to 5 or 7 days, but she states it will not persist.

Read norwegian version: PST varsla om konkret trugsmål mot Noreg

Unknown target

Police say they are prepared to deal with a possible terrorist act. Preparedness on borders, train stations and airports will increase as a result of the threat against Norway, and people will see more armed police than usual.

• It is uncertain who is behind or what / whom the attack is directed against
• Asking citizens to be vigilant
• Warns against condemning certain groups in society
• Armed police will guard the border crossings, airports and train stations

PST presents the information about the terrorist threat at this point, because they hope transparency will act as a deterrent for those people who are behind the possible action.

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Tall Ship Races folkemengde

Tall Ships Races is expected to gather up to 500.000 visitors in Bergen this weekend.

Foto: Eivind Senneset / Tall Ships Races

Tall Ships Races and Norway Cup

Up to 500 000 visitor are expected in Bergen this weekend during the Tall Ships Races. The organizers was told of the threat by the police last night.

– The Tall Ships Races will go as planned, but there will be more police in the streets than usual this weekend, says promoter Håkon Vatle to NRK.

He urge people to be more aware of their surroundings than they normally would be in Bergen.

Norway Cup will also go as planned. The worlds second biggest soccer tournament opens in Oslo this friday, and chief of security Cato Løken tells NRK that the police have no reason to belive that Norway Cup is to consider as a terrorist target.