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The broadcasting licence fee

The broadcasting licence fee is set by the Norwegian Parliament. The fee for 2014 is NOK 2729,16, including VAT at 8%.

NRK Lisensavdelinga
Foto: NRK

The broadcasting licence fee is a legal requirement which anyone who has a television receiver is required to pay. In everyday speech, we also call the fee "TV licence". In norwegian the name is "kringkastingsavgiften" or "lisensen", in everyday speech.

You have to pay the the broadcasting licence fee, no matter what kind of television receiver you have or which channels you choose to watch.

The Norwegian Parliament has decided that The broadcasting licence fee must be collected and passed to the NRK.

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Licence period

Licence period 1 runs from January 1st to June 30th, the due date being January 31st.

Licence period 2 runs from July 1st to December 31st, the due date being July 31st.

A written statement that may result in termination of a licence must reach NRK's Licence department before the new period starts and becomes binding.

Information for businesses

The TV receiver regulations work on the principle that a licence fee is required for each receiver. For information regarding licence fee for businesses, institutions, hotels and guest houses, etc., see:

Regulations relating to television receivers

Form to register a television receiver

Information for dealers

Information for dealers on what to do about TV licences.

Anyone selling, leasing or renting out TV receivers is required to inform the NRK about all the units that they supply under section 1 of the Regulations on radio dealers' reporting obligations to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The Regulations relating to telvision recivers cover any kind of receiver technology. Dealers' reporting obligations may be limited to certain product categories.

The types of receiver equipment that dealers are obliged to report are as follows:
TVs, DVD receivers and TV tuners / decoders, Satellite receivers, Video receivers (also combinations such as TV / video, DVD / video).

All dealers who are required to report under section 1 of the Regulations on radio dealers' reporting requirement rules must register with the NRK Licensing department's register of dealers. For more details of reporting procedures, see the Rregulations on radio dealers' reporting requirements to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

The NRK Licensing department would remind you in particular as follows: if you pass receivers on to any business, local authority, or hotel, etc, it is important to quote the reference person, order ref, etc, so that the account that the NRK Licensing department sends out subsequently can show what receivers are concerned.

Reporting obligations to the NRK are established under section 8-2 of the Broadcasting act and the Regulations on radio dealers' reporting requirements to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. How the control on delivering obligations are monitored is laid down in the Rregulations on monitoring radio dealers.

If you engage in such sales or hire, and are not registered with the NRK, you must complete «the dealer registration form» (Registrering av forhandler - form in norwegian) and send it in to the NRK's licensing department.