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What is the broadcasting licence fee?

The broadcasting licence fee is a statutory public fee for those who have a television receiver in use. This licence fee is not affected by local signal conditions, the channels you have access to or the programmes you choose to view.

The Norwegian Parliament has determined that the broadcasting licence fee should be collected by, and passed to, the NRK as the Norwegian public broadcaster. In day-to-day speech the broadcasting licence fee is also referred to as the licence.


  1. What is the broadcasting licence fee?
  2. Who are obligated to pay the broadcasting licence fee?
  3. What kind of electronic equipment requires a broadcasting licence fee?
  4. Can one broadcasting licence fee cover several individuals in a private household?
  5. What can I do if I have been wrongly registered with a broadcasting licence fee?
  6. Is information concerning a licence confidential between the licence holder and the NRK?
  7. What should we do when someone moves to an institution with a communal licence?
  8. How much is the broadcasting licence fee?
  9. I have moved in with my partner, do we both have to pay the broadcasting licence fee?
  10. When can we expect to receive the invoice for the broadcasting licence fee?
  11. What happens if you pay the broadcasting licence fee after the due date?
  12. Have you received a notice from the Norwegian National Collection Agency?
  13. Can the licence fee be paid with Direct Debit (AvtaleGiro) and Electronic invoice (eFaktura)?
  14. When should I register for a licence if I have a television receiver in use?
  15. How can I appeal a decision made by the NRK Licence department?
  16. What applies if I live and/or work abroad for part of the year?
  17. Do we have to pay licence fee when a television receiver is used without television signals?
  18. What to do if the licence holder dies?