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When can we expect to receive the invoice for the broadcasting licence fee?

The broadcasting licence fee is due twice a year, January 31st and July 31st. You can expect to receive the invoice approximately three weeks prior to the due date.

When you register for a new licence you will receive the first invoice approximately a week from when we receive your registration. The first invoice will contain a demand from the 1st in the month after you started using the television receiver, and up to the end of the current period when the licence is registered.

When a television receiver is purchased, the dealer is obligated to report the purchase to the NRK Licence department. If the television receiver is purchased by a private individual that already has a licence, there will not be registered a new licence. For individuals who does not already have a licence, and for businesses, a new licence will be registered with a demand from the date the television receiver was purchased, and up to the end of the current period.

Unfortunately we find that some dealers sometimes are behind on reporting to us. This may cause that the first demand on newly registered licences are for a longer period than usual. The NRK Licence department regret this, but we also refer to the obligation to register with a licence when acquiring a television receiver, cf. section 6 in the Regulations relating to television receivers .


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