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What should we do when someone moves to an institution with a communal licence?

According to Section 4 in the Regulations relating to television receivers , a broadcasting licence fee must be paid for each receiver. However, there are some exceptions. Some institutions, like nursing homes, can be granted a communal licence which means that they can pay one licence fee that will cover all television receivers used by the institutions residents, cf. Section 4 II b) in the above mentioned regulations.

To be granted a communal licence, the institution has to fulfil some prerequisites. It must be an institution that has a joint household for all its residents and that most of the residents’ social benefits are paid directly to the institution.

If the institution has a common licence, and a new resident bring their television receiver with them when moving to the institution, a notice concerning the residents private licence has to be sent to the NRK Licence department stating the name of the institution that should cover the licence fee for the resident.

Institutions where the residents care for themselves, and do not have a joint household, will not qualify for a communal licence.


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