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How can I appeal a decision made by the NRK Licence department?

If you, despite your objection to the claim, still disagree with NRKs decision to maintain the claim for broadcasting licence fee, you have the opportunity to appeal the NRKs decision.
Pursuant to the Broadcasting Regulations section 8-2 is the Norwegian Media Authority the appeals authority in respect of decisions made by the NRK and in respect of individual decisions made by the NRK pursuant to regulations issued under section 8-3 of the Act relating to broadcasting.

The appeal deadline is 3 weeks and is calculated from the day you receive the letter stating the NRKs decision.

An appeal to The Norwegian Media Authority is to be sent to the NRK Licence department and must contain the following:

  1. It has to clearly state that the complaint is to be processed by the Norwegian Media Authority
  2. The complaint must show that the decision is being appealed, and state the alteration desired
  3. The complaint must be signed by the appellant or his agent

The complaint must mention the reasons which support the complaint, and any other information that might be relevant to the adjudication of the complaint.

When the NRK receives a complaint to the Norwegian Media Authority, the ongoing process is utilized in accordance with the appeal rules, that the NRK should make a new assessment of the decision complained about.

If the NRK after a new assessment changes the previous decision, the NRK alone determines the appeal. A letter about the change is then sent to the appellant.

If the NRK, after a new assessment upholds the previous decision, all the appeal documents will be sent to the Norwegian Media Authority for a final decision. A copy of the appeal documents sent from the NRK to the Norwegian Media Authority will be sent to the appellant.


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