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Keith Richards - the «antenna»

Innholdet som skulle vises her støttes dessverre ikke lenger.

Keith Richards belives he is not a great song writer. He is simply an «antenna» that receives signals, he says in this interview.

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Keith Richards, the man behind rock clasics like «Satisfaction» og and numerous other immortal guitar songs, has written his own autobiography.


Keith Richards og Bård Ose

Keith Richards with interviewer Baard Ose.

Foto: Siw Grindaker
Keith Richards lanserte denne uken sin nye biografi «Livet» i Paris.

Keith Richards this week promoted his new autobiography «Life» in Paris.

Foto: PAUL HACKETT / Reuters

This week we met him in Paris, where he told us why he has published a biography. In addition, he among other things, told many stories from his «Life».

Innholdet som skulle vises her støttes dessverre ikke lenger.
Innholdet som skulle vises her støttes dessverre ikke lenger.

The most surprising is how outspoken he is. Speaking about how he almost lost his right index finger, claiming he is not a great song writer, and speaking about who he views as the real founder of The Rolling Stones.

Among other things, he reveals that he almost destroyed his right index finger in his childhood. It may have had a major influence on his way to play the guitar.

Adversity gives fantastic songs

Keith Richards has a unique guitar style and also his own way of writing songs. Even though he has made some of rock's very best songs, he himself says he is not a great songwriter. He is simply an «antenna» that receives signals.

Still - if he meets adversity in his life, it usually results in a fantastic song. Something he elaborates further on when he talks about the song «Before They Make Me Run».

The Rolling Stones was founded in 1962. If you ask fans from the 60s, they think that the band was founded by Brian Jones. But if you ask Keith Richards, there is another man who should be credited as the bands founder... something he also elaborates on in the interview.

The only guitarist for three years

The Rolling Stones has always been a band with two guitar players. It's certainly what we hear on the records and read about in books and articles. Yet it is a little known fact that Keith Richards was the only guitarist in the band in a three-year period from 1966 to 1969.

Although Brian Jones was a member, he didn’t play side by side with Keith on those records. We asked Keith about this, but instead of criticizing his old colleague, instead he chose to focus on the upsides.

He told how challenging it was to be the only guitarist for three years, having to do four albums as a sole guitar player.