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Geoblocking of the drama series SKAM

As of Friday January 13th., NRK (Norwegian Public Broadcasting Corporation) will start geoblocking all three seasons of the drama series SKAM published online.

Fra tredje runde med Skam.

NRK will geoblocking all three seasons of the drama series SKAM published online regarding music rights.

Foto: NRK

Geoblocking means restricting access to content based on the user's geographical location.

Update: When the teaser for season 4 was released April 7th 2017, NRK also announced that all the coming video clips on will be available in the Nordic countries.

Need for new agreement regarding music rights

As of today, only users in Norway will be able to view SKAM online until a new agreement regarding music rights is reached. This comes after the music rights organizations and music publishers have demanded international restrictions on SKAM content.

NRK produces and publishes SKAM for its Norwegian audience and the content is subtitled in Norwegian only. The music rights agreement covers publishing in Norway and to Norwegians abroad. SKAM's international success challenges the scope of the agreement with the music rights holders.

– Reached a large international audience

– NRK has the right to publish this content to Norwegians in Norway and abroad. The music industry has expressed concerns regarding the fact that the content has reached a large international audience without NRK having paid for international publishing rights. We take the concerns of the music industry seriously and will enter into negotiations as soon as possible to come to an agreement, says Kari Anne Lang-Ree, legal counsel for NRK.