RHB services

Below you will find information on permanently booked and occasional services offered to rights holding broadcasters (RHBs). Pre-booked services will be delivered according to the order forms submitted by each broadcaster.

International Broadcast Centre

The International Broadcasting Centre is a temporary facility made of steel cabins. It serves as working area for the Host Broadcaster, EBU and seven rights holding broadcasters

Foto: Petter Lunde / NRK

The International Broadcast Centre

The International Broadcast Centre (IBC) serves as the main working area for NRK Host Broadcaster, the European Broadcasting Union and seven rights holding broadcasters who have booked designated cabins for their operations.

The IBC is located conveniently close to the competition venue and within walking distance to all media working areas in Holmenkollen.

Totalling approximately 700 square meters, the IBC is a temporary facility made up of 45 stacked steel cabins, constructed especially for these Biathlon World Championships. It is built on two levels next to the RTV compound.

NRK Host Broadcaster is responsible for operating the IBC and for providing technical and administrative support to broadcasters in the IBC and the RTV compound.

A joint booking office for host services, EBU and the organizer (Oslo 2016) is located in the IBC.

The adjacent Media Centre houses a cafeteria on level 1 and working space for photographers, ENG teams, non rights holders and internet media on level 2.

IBC Timeline

  • 2 January – 15 February: Cabin construction - Power and IKT cabling
  • 15 February: IBC / Media Centre delivery date from constructor One4Event to organizer Oslo 2016
  • 15 February – 23 February: Host Broadcaster cabling and installation
  • 24 February – 14 March: IBC operational period

Equipment delivery to right holders’ areas in the IBC is available from 26 February 2016.

IBC technical services and facilities are operational from 24 February 09:00 to 14 March 09:00.


Only RTV accredited personnel will have access to the IBC. Persons without the proper accreditation will need additional credentials.

International Broadcast Centre

The IBC consists of two buldings on two levels.

Foto: Petter Lunde / NRK

Host Broadcaster areas

  • The NRK Host Broadcaster technical areas are located on level 1 in building B.
  • The NRK Host Broadcaster management areas are located on level 2 in building A.
  • The Booking Office is located in level 1 in building B.

Master Control Room (MCR)

  • Operational hours 08:00 – 23:00

All multilateral and unilateral signals from the venue will be monitored and processed in the joint Host Broadcaster and EBU MCR. All feeds will be available to rights holders from here: international TV and radio audio from the biathlon venue and Medal Plaza, clean feed signal, isolated camera feeds and beauty cameras, MPC press conference feed, color bars and black and burst signals.

Eurovision Network Operations

EBU network operational staff will be positioned together with Host Broadcaster personnel for further distribution of the signals.

The Eurovision network will carry:

  • The multilateral feed (from competitions and ceremonies)
  • The unilateral feeds, e.g. interviews/standups and playout
  • Dedicated circuits

Eurovision contact for transmissions:

Benoit Paquay, +41 22 717 28 74 - paquay@eurovision.net

EBU logo

The Booking office

The Host Broadcaster NRK, LOC Oslo 2016 and EBU will have a joint Booking Office in the IBC – building B, level 1. Its staff will follow up broadcasters advance orders, manage distribution of RTV devices and handle day-to-day bookings during the IBU World Championships Biathlon. The office will liaise with the various Host Broadcaster sections as well as with LOC, IBU and IBU.

At the booking office, authorised personnel representing each broadcaster can check the status of their company’s bookings, pick up access devices and place orders for occasional services and facilities.

Please note that pre-booked services that have not been paid according to invoice deadlines will be charged up front or cancelled.

  • Opening hours from 29 February onwards: 09:00-21:00
  • Opening hours non-competition days: 09:00-18:00

Contact Booking Office

  • Main telephone number: +47 485 05 418
  • EBU Booking +47 485 01 359
  • Åse-Marie Hauan, Booking Manager NRK Host Broadcaster
    +47 402 16 080 - ase-marie.hauan@nrk.no
  • Miriam Henriksen, RTV Coordinator Oslo 2016
    +47 485 04 762 miriamhenriksen@hotmail.com

During Event Booking Procedure

Authorised RHB personnel may place their orders at the IBC Booking Office.

Occasional booking facilities are available on a first come, first served basis.

All facilities and services ordered at the venue are to be paid upon booking.

Bookings will be confirmed in writing once payment has been received. Payment will take place by direct bank transfer/credit card.

No refunds will be made of confirmed bookings.

The final balance of pre-booked services will be invoiced together with the total VAT amount after the championships. The general VAT rate in Norway is 25 per cent.

Note: All bookings from sub licensed broadcasters are to be made through the rights holding company.


The commentatorpositions are located above the spectator stand on the final stretch.

Foto: Helene Amlie / NRK

Commentator Services

Commentary positions, 30 in total, are located in the permanent stadium building above the public stands, with an excellent view to the action on the stadium. The positions will be available for broadcasters from 26 February to 13 March a couple of hours after the last transmission.

The Commentary Control Room (CCR) is located in the commentator complex. Host Broadcaster CCR staff will support commentators in every way, and control and connect circuits.

The CCR will be operational on competition days from one hour before to one hour after the international transmissions, including the medal award ceremonies in the evening.

Commentator Position Facilities

All positions are equipped with basic lighting and heating.

Four different types of positions are available to broadcasters:

Fully equipped, includes:

  • Table and three chairs
  • TV monitor 22” with CATV connection
  • Media Information System (MIS) monitor
  • 4 power outlets 230V
  • Commentator unit with two headsets (additional headsets can be ordered)
  • ISDN Codec (G722) placed in CCR
  • HB cue audios (director master talkback and International Sound)
  • Standard commentary service and technical assistance from one hour before to one hour after HB transmissions

Partially equipped, includes:

  • Table and three chairs
  • TV monitor 22” with CATV connection
  • MIS monitor
  • 4 power outlets 230V
  • Standard commentary service and technical assistance from one hour before to one hour after HB transmissions
  • If ordered separately, TV or radio International Sound incl. cabling to position

Non-equipped, includes:

  • Table and three chairs
  • Power outlets
  • Radio Reporting Position, includes:
  • One table shared by two radio companies, seats for two persons
  • One shared 22” flat screen monitor with CATV connection
  • One shared MIS monitor
  • Power outlets

Radio Reporting position, includes:

  • One table shared by two radio companies, seats for two persons
  • One shared 22" flat screen monitor with CATV connection
  • One shared MIS monitor
  • Power outlets

Media Information System

Monitors for the Media Information System (MIS) will be provided by Siwidata at various locations in the venue, including the IBC and RTV compound.

RHBs can order additional monitors by sending requests directly to info@siwidata.com, +39 366 929 2487


The Cable Television system will be available in most venue areas including the IBC, RTV compound and commentator positions.

The Host Broadcaster feed will be offered on the CATV system. Some broadcasters have ordered a CATV modulator to get their signals in the CATV package.

Channel Allocation

  1. NRK 1 Norway (analogue)
  2. NRK 2 Norway (analogue)
  3. TV 2 Norway (analogue)
  4. Eurosport (analogue)
  5. International feed (SD – analogue)
  6. International feed (HD – DVB-T / Mpeg4)
  7. Eurosport return (SD – DVB-T / Mpeg4)
Mixed zone

Mixed zone, Biathlon World Cup February 2015. NRK's Dag Erik Pedersen interviewing Martin Fourcade.

Foto: Helene Amlie / NRK

Mixed Zone

The Mixed Zone area for broadcasters has a number of dedicated TV and radio positions for interviews, followed by non-dedicated radio and ENG camera positions.

The dedicated positions have been booked by each broadcaster for the duration of the championships, whereas the ENG mixed zone is one common area where access is granted on a first come, first served basis.

The established order of the positions in the Mixed Zone is:

  • Dedicated live TV
  • Dedicated live radio
  • Dedicated ENG
  • Common ENG/Radio
  • Written press - NRH TV/web

In addition to the RTV accreditation, special devices produced by LOC/IBU are required for access to the Mixed Zone. Certain credentials are needed for access to dedicated positions and other for ENG access.

Representatives from EBU and NRK Host Broadcaster will manage the TV and radio mixed zone area to support rights holding broadcasters and supervise priorities:

  • Jakob Bjurström, EBU - +46 708 132 817, bjurstroem@eurovision.net
  • Nina Vibeke Grann, NRK HB - +47 922 19 299, nina.grann@nrk.no


The Mixed Zone positions will have basic lighting. Broadcasters may bring their own lighting equipment in dedicated positions, maximum height 180 cm. Power booking as well as cabling in the Mixed Zone is the responsibility of each broadcaster.

Host Broadcaster Live Position

NRK Host Broadcaster has established a position with staffed camera for pre and post event interviews or stand-ups. This service can be booked by broadcasters on a day-to-day basis.

Medal Plaza Mixed Zone

At the University Square in downtown Oslo, there will be a mixed zone area next to the medal ceremony stage. Two live positions have been pre-booked by YLE and NRK (domestic broadcaster). The latter also has a studio on the plaza. There is a common radio/ENG area, followed by an area dedicated to press/non rights holders.

NRK Host Broadcaster will offer a staffed bookable camera position for post unilateral interviews/standups after each medal ceremony session.

Unilateral Camera Positions

Outside the mixed zone, fixed positions for RHB’s dedicated unilateral cameras have been arranged in selected areas following agreement with each broadcaster (DEARD/ZDF, SETV4 and NONRK)

No in-field access will be allowed for broadcasters unless special arrangements have been made with LOC/IBU.

RHBs are not permitted to use remote controlled drone cameras in Holmenkollen unless special permission has been granted by NRK Host Broadcaster and the Norwegian Aviation Authority.

Shooting range
Foto: Helene Amlie / NRK

Shooting range

A number of broadcasters have reserved positions for their unilateral cameras at the shooting range covering athletes and/or coaches. Some are on specially constructed platforms (DEARD/ZDF, SETV4) and some are in the media zone (NONRK, FIYLE, CZCT and SEV4).


Elevated studio platforms with a view over the stadium have been constructed above the mixed zone area. Such platforms have been booked by NONRK TV, DEARD/ZDF and NONRK Radio.

TV-studio Holmenkollen

German TV studio in Holmenkollen at the Biathlon World Cup, February 2015.

Foto: Helene Amlie / NRK

Isolated Feeds and Beauty Cameras

Isolated Host Broadcaster camera feeds used in competition coverage have been ordered by a number of broadcasters for unilateral use.

Also, three beauty cameras are available for broadcasters who have pre-booked such feeds – one in the ski jump tower, one on a crane camera and one in the harbour of Oslo with a view towards the city and Holmenkollen.

Each ISO/beauty feed has been ordered for the duration of the championships and the signals are delivered in the MCR.

Beauty camera

Beauty camera position in downtown Oslo.

Foto: NRK

Occasional HB facilities

Broadcasters have the possibility of booking certain services on a day-to-day basis during the event:

  • - Pre and post unilateral services (live standups/interviews) with Host Broadcaster camera in mixed zone can be booked before and after events. On Medal Plaza, this service is available as a post multi only,
  • - Pre and post playout from the Host Broadcaster MCR to home destination can be booked before and after events.

Uplink and space segment are not included in the unilateral booking. Each broadcaster is responsible for booking circuits to the final destination at the EBU Booking Office in the IBC.

Footage/Stock Shots

NRK Host Broadcaster has compiled a collection of footage and stock shots that can be applied in RHB’s domestic broadcasts before and during the championships.

The collection includes helicopter and drone shots of Holmenkollen and Oslo as well as pictures of the city’s main attractions, previous sports events, celebrating crowds etc. It comprises both winter and summer footage.

The material is intended exclusively for rights holding broadcasters. All other use must be approved by NRK.

The material has been distributed directly to RHB contacts and also on the Eurovision platform. For details and link to downloads, contact the Host Broadcaster information manager on helene.amlie@nrk.no.

Dronebilder Holmenkollen

Drone shots taken by NRK's aviation photo department are included in the stock shot material offered to rights holding broadcasters.

Foto: NRK

Host Broadcaster Information and Briefings

Information about NRK Host Broadcaster operations and other relevant issues will be published and updated at this web siste.

A first general briefing for on-site broadcasters is planned on 1st March at 12:00. Further briefings are planned on a regular basis on competition days. Confirmed and detailed information about time and place for briefings will be communicated by NRK Host Broadcaster.

During the World Championships, NRK Host Broadcaster will distribute updated information about the broadcasting operations. Immediate notification to RHBs about programme changes, delays, jury decisions etc. will be coordinated with LOC and IBU.