Opening sequence preview

NRK Host Broadcaster has produced a 40-second title sequence which will open all international transmissions. Elements from the title sequence will also be used for wipes, transitions and closing captions. Additionally, a 12-second short version of the opening caption is available.

Åpningsvignett til VM i skiskyting.

The title sequence has been developed by NRK’s Design and Visuals staff, with the aim of capturing the essence of the biathlon contest: The moment just before the athlete fires the decisive shot; the moment when everything could be won or everything lost. This is what biathlon is about – the ability to ski at the highest pace, and the next instance to control your breath and your nerves when everything is at stake.

The shooting of the title sequence was done in the forest near the ski resort Beitostølen. Temperatures were down to -18 degrees and the massive amounts of snow made the setting picture perfect. The characters were personified by skiers covered with led lights.

Åpningsvignett NRK Host Broadcaster
Foto: Jørn Veberg / NRK


The music used in the Host Broadcaster transmissions has been composed especially for these championships and is used in title sequences, slow motion replays, track profile presentations and other production elements.

Composer: Roy Westad – IPI number 636089430

Track profiles

NRK Host Broadcaster has also produced animated track profiles which will be used in the international transmissions. They are also available to rights holding broadcasters for unilateral use.

VM-løypa i Holmenkollen. Skiskyting 20 km menn

Track profile example - 20 km Men.

Downloads of the title sequence, wipes, track profiles and music are offered on the Eurovision information highway.

For links to downloads you can also contact NRK Host Broadcaster:

Helene Amlie - +47 951 00 299