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Opening festivities in Oslo

The IBU World Championships Biathlon in Holmenkollen begins this evening with the official opening ceremony at 19.45 at Medal Plaza in downtown Oslo. The ceremony will be covered live by NRK Host Broadcaster and offered on the Eurovision network.

Åpningsseremoni Ski-VM 2011

The opening ceremony for the IBU World Championships Biathlon 2016 will be held on 2 March in the same area as the ceremonies for the Nordic Skiing WCHs in 2011. d

Foto: Margareth Johansen / NRK

During the World Championships, Oslo's main street will turn into a festival area with medal award ceremonies, concerts, children’s activities, gastronomical experiences, sales booths etc.

The party starts tonight with the opening ceremomy on the medal awards stage, featuring popular Norwegian artists Alexander Rybak, Wenche Myhre, Christel Alsos, Gaute Ormåsen, Freddy Kalas and the Norwegian Music Academy's Drumline.

Presenter will be NRK's Nadia Hasnaoui, one of Norway' most experienced TV profiles.

Nadia Hasnaoui

Presenter Nadia Hasnaoui.

Foto: Anne Liv Ekroll / NRK / Anne Liv Ekroll

During the flag parade, legendary speaker Kjell Erik Kristiansen will present the athletes and officials representing each country.

Speeches will be held by IBU president Anders Besseberg, Mayor of Oslo Marianne Borgen and Norwegian Minister of Culture Linda Hofstad Helleland.

A detailed running order on the opening ceremony can be downloaded here:
Oslo 2016 Opening Ceremony Overview

The exact duration of the ceremony will depend of the number of nations and participants in the flag parade.

Rights holding broadcasters requiring more information (speeches, song lyrics, script etc) can contact NRK Host Broadcaster information manager:
Helene Amlie - +47 951 00 299

Artist interviews

Media interested in interviewing any of the performing artists after the show are asked to contact Oslo2016 Chief of Media:
Henrik Juel Teige - +47 90 73 86 76.

VM Skiskyting 2016: Medaljeseremonier

Illustration of the ceremonies i downtown Oslo.

Foto: Playroom