Host Broadcaster production

The Oslo 2016 slogan, “Experience the Drama”, reflects the fact that biathlon is one of the most thrilling sports enjoyed by attending spectators as well as the TV audience.

Produksjon skiskyting

Director Ola Fagerheim, Host Broadcaster executive producer for the Oslo 2016 Biathlon World Championships.

Foto: Helene Amlie / NRK

No other sport can create so many intense and wonderful moments, unexpected twist of events and give the audience more nerve-wrecking excitement. For the same reason, it is the most challenging sport to communicate to the viewers. A TV producer can hardly undertake a more difficult task.

For the NRK team, the obvious focus will be to deliver top-quality, unbiased international coverage while offering the TV audience the same excitement as the spectators in the venue. Viewers must feel contact with the athletes, comprehend the competition rules and identify with the trials faced by the athletes during the competition.

Host Broadcaster camera plan

Host Broadcaster running orders

Skiskyting Holmenkollen

The visual contact between Holmenkollen, the city and the fjord is an essential element in the NRK Host Broadcaster coverage.

Foto: Helge Langen / Norges Skiskytter Forbund

Holmenkollen identity

For many decades, NRK has been an inseparable part of the rich, popular traditions in Holmenkollen. The history, the distinct atmosphere and the colourful crowds in Holmenkollen will always be an integrated part of the stories told from this fabulous arena.

Also, the visual contact between Holmenkollen and, as a backdrop, the city of Oslo and the fjord, is an essential factor in the camera narrative. This consideration has also influenced the design of the venue, track alignments, passing points etc.

Results Services and Graphics

Siwidata is under contract with the IBU to provide the timing, results and graphics services at these championships.

  • Siwidata contact:, +39 366 929 2487

The standard television world feed includes graphics and timing. The Host Broadcaster on-screen graphics will adhere to the principles, rules and layout established by the IBU, with all grid elements in the standard position known from WC events.

Yet the identifiable Oslo 2016 visual profile will be reflected in choice of fonts, colours and overall expression. This will be seen in HB graphics, animations and transitions sequences.

Title Sequence

All Host Broadcaster transmissions will start with a 40-second title sequence. Elements from the title sequence will also be used for wipes, transitions and closing captions and a 12-second short version is available.

VM Skiskyting 2016 vignett

Still photo from the NRK Host Broadcaster opening sequence.

Foto: Jørn Veberg / NRK

The title sequence has been developed by NRK’s Design and Visuals staff, with the aim of capturing the essence of the biathlon contest: The moment just before the athlete fires the decisive shot; the moment when everything could be won or everything lost. This is what biathlon is about – the ability to ski at the highest pace, and the next instance to control your breath and your nerves when everything is at stake.

The title sequence is created from studio-taped segments as well as shots from the snowy forest near the ski resort Beitostølen. The characters were personified by skiers covered with led lights.


The music used in the Host Broadcaster transmissions has been composed especially for these championships and is used in title sequences, slow motion replays, track profile presentations and other production elements.

  • Composer: Roy Westad – IPI number 636089430