NRK Meny

A world class producer

NRK should be a world class content producer and publisher, its said in the Corporate Strategy for 2016 - 2021.

P3aksjonen 2015

Very popular among young norwegians: Niklas Baarli l, Mathias Nylenna, Ronny Brede Aase and Tuva Fellmann - all from the radio channel NRK P3.

Foto: Rashid Akrim, NRK P3

The brief, overall strategy document sums up the goals and values which shall govern for The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) during the next five years.

A strategy must primarily be translated into actions and measurable results. It is the management’s responsibility to ensure that as many employees as possible understand the connection between goals, measures and results, and adapt their working day accordingly.

See: NRK Strategy 2016 - 2021

NRK 2016 - 2021:

  • NRK is independent.
  • NRK brings people together.
  • NRK offers a unique breadth of content.
  • NRK strengthens norwegian and sami language and culture.
  • NRK tell our common history.
  • NRK is a open and approachable organization.
  • NRK is a world class content producer and publisher.

NRK is independent - shall:

  • Have editorial freedom and protect its integrity, impartiality and credibility.
  • Be financed directly by the audience through a licence fee.
  • Aim that 70 percent of all age groups believe they receive value for money for their license fee.
  • Be able to cooperate with external partners with regard to content, providing that it does not interfere with editorial independence.
  • Be able to take part in strategic cooperation and ownership, subject to the board’s approval.
  • Make its independence clear by letting NRK Aktivum manage any financial cooperation or ownership interests.

NRK brings people together - shall:

  • Present great experiences that bring people together.
  • Give access to all NRK content regardless of platform.
  • Engage in an ongoing dialogue with the audience.
  • Be a strong brand.
  • Ensure vital information reaches the public in emergencies.

NRK offers a unique breadth of content. - shall:

  • Be the best provider of news and investigative journalism for both local and national audiences.
  • Provide broad insight into and news about international relations.
  • Promote public involvement and provide understanding through debate and discourse.
  • Popularize what Is important, and find the importance in what is popular.

NRK strengthens Norwegian and Sami language and culture - shall:

  • Distinguish itself through good use of language.
  • Use language that is clear and correct.
  • Create and present content that provides shared experiences and strengthens Sami and Norwegian culture and identity.
  • Aim to strengthen and develop Norwegian sign language.

NRK tells our common history - shall:

  • Tell our history and engage in journalism that describes the Norwegian reality in the past, present and future.
  • Share content with and make our archive easily accessible for the audience.

NRK is a open and approachable organization - shall:

  • Be transparent about press ethics and editorial activity.
  • Be transparent about financial dispositions.
  • Be available and in dialog with the audience.

NRK is a world class content producer and publisher

  • Focus resources and skills on content production and publishing.
  • Work systematically with innovation.
  • Develop and recruit the best talent.
  • Reflect the population in content and organization.
  • Operate flexibly and cost-effectively.

NRK's core values: Open, Courageous and Credible.