Host 2011

Multilateral camera plans

Scenic passing point, Holmenkollen. (Foto: Videoprint/NRK)

The Host Broadcaster NRK has developed a multilateral production plan for the 2011 FIS Nordic Ski Championships, including detailed camera narratives for each of the sports events. The camera plans can be downloaded from this site.

From the link below, you can download camera maps for Cross-Country, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined, either one assembled document or as files per event.

Camera icons legend


Camera plans - lists

Camera plans - Sprint Free Ladies

Camera plans - Sprint Free Men

Camera plans - 15 km Pursuit Ladies

Camera plans - 30 km Pursuit Men

Camera plans - 10 km Ind Classic Ladies

Camera plans - 15 km Ind Classic Men

Camera plans - Team Sprint Classic Ladies

Camera plans - Team Sprint Classic Men

Camera plans - 4x5 km Relay Ladies

Camera plans - 4x10 km Relay Men

Camera plans - 30 km Mass Start Free Ladies

Camera plans - 50 km Mass Start Free Men

Camera plans - Nordic Combined Cross-Country

Camera plans - HS 134

Camera plans - HS 106

Camera plans - Medal Awards Ceremonies, University Square

Urgent news

    Beautycam Holmenkollen

    Daylight in Holmenkollen

    Local time/CET
    = UTC/GMT +1

    23 February 2011:

    • Sunrise 07:37
    • Sunset 17:28
    • Hours of sunlight: 09:51

    6 March 2011:

    • Sunrise 07:05
    • Sunset 17:56
    • Hours of sunlight: 10:51