Market and Reputation

NRK is Norway's largest media house. Every day almost nine out of ten Norwegians use one or more of NRK's offerings, whether on TV, radio, internet or other plattforms.

Mari Bjørnsdatter Knudsen

Mari Bjørnsdatter Knudsen presented the Easter Morning Show for children. Atrattractive content for young people is a targeted work for NRK.

Foto: Marius Fiskum

Usage of online and mobile services has a great increase, but the TV and radio are still responsible for the bulk of NRK’s daily viewing/listening statistics.

NRK has a share of the TV Market just above 40 percent (2013).

Two of three norwegian radiolistners listen to a NRK channel (2013).

NRK P1 (Programme 1 Radio) is the biggest Radio Channel in Norway with alone more than 50 percent of the Radio Market.

Mobile platforms exploding

When traditional use of radio and television have stable support among the public, the use of content on mobile platforms are increasing very quick these days.

The website now are Norways second biggest site for media content. The increase in online usage among young people means that is important for reaching young target groups.

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Everybody use NRK services

On any average day allmost nine out of ten use one or more of NRK's services on television, radio, text-TV, web or mobile.

NRK's three television channels have had a stabile combined market share of more than 40 percent the last years.

The overall TV viewing population has fallen the last years. In 2012 the average Norwegian watched 175 minutes of television every day.

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